Mike O'Donnell

Executive Director

[email protected]

If you’ve met our Executive Director, Mike O’Donnell you know that he is fiercely passionate about the state of small business within our communities, and that he has a “Kansas” accent. What you may not know is that his influence is why we, Colorado Lending Source, are who we are today.

Mike’s entrepreneurial and ‘gnomerific’ spirit has been in the SBA lending world since the mid 90’s. Under his leadership we have transformed from an average SBA lender to an incredibly diverse, mission-focused, economic development organization with a team of people intent on helping small businesses startup and grow up.

More about our enigmatic commander in chief…

What is your personal purpose?
“To make people smile because inadvertently grumpy people aren’t very much fun to be around or work with.”

What is your spirit animal?
“Haha… it would be THE aconda (not AN aconda).” 

What is something most people don’t know about you?
“I have an apparently incurable fondness for collecting and displaying gnomes and gnome-like creatures. I’ve been told that one day I might get better if I keep taking my medication although at this particular petticoat junction in time, there are way too many to keep count of in our office. I think that some might even have found their way into several of the bathrooms by now so be careful when you sit down as some of them have pointy hats.  Be that as it may, gnomes have inadvertently become the symbol of Colorado Lending Source and represent all the different dimensions of our indefatigable organizational culture. In the language of the streets, especially that from the wrong side of the tracks where I grew up, a “gnome of Zurich” is a slang term used to describe a banker. Now although Colorado Lending Source isn’t a bank, we ARE involved in educational lending and several of us enjoy being in the mountains, a handful insist on wear red pointy hats in public, and, ALL OF US are curious, clever, smart, intelligent, and, provide incredibly amazing customer service. And all this despite that fact that two of us are less than three feet tall!”