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Lauren Kloock

Lead Marketing Maven

[email protected]

Lauren heads the Marketing & Communications Team at Colorado Lending Source and is constantly exploring new marketing strategies, partnerships, and events to help spread the word about our mission. With the many diverse borrowers we work with, her job is endless when it comes to telling their unique stories of starting and growing a business.

Lauren began her career with the organization in 2012 and since then has been forever enamored with the entrepreneurial spirit and determination embodied by so many small business owners.

Get to know more about Lauren…

What is your dream travel destination?
“My dream travel experience would be to hike El Camino de Santiago. I lived in Spain after graduating college and I absolutely love the culture, language and food. So that coupled with backpacking seems like the ideal scenario.”

What is something most people don’t know about you?
“Oddly enough, I am extremely squeamish around pigeons. Every morning on my bike ride commute into the office, I am scared that one may actually hit me… and that would just be terrifying!”

If you had unlimited resources, what would you do?
“Many things! After traveling the world and dining at Michelin star restaurants, I would create an oasis in the mountains on acres of land with yurts scattering the hill tops, ski mobiles for backcountry skiing, and a dog training facility for rescue dogs to be adopted out. I would use this as a place to share my love for the outdoors and host people that may not have the opportunity to experience these joys in life.”