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Karol Jones

Chief Financial Officer

[email protected]

As Chief Financial Officer, Karol is devoted to ensuring Colorado Lending Source is financially healthy organization. She’s also our captain when it comes to allocating resources to our various loan programs so that we can have the greatest economic impact within the small businesses community.

Karol’s work ethic, responsibility, authenticity and kindness are key to keeping our ship afloat. Karol started her tenure at Colorado Lending Source in 2003 as a loan officer, and she eventually grew to lead our SBA 504 team (as we became one of the top ten organizations of our kind in the nation), and oversaw our expansion into the SBA 7(a) loan program as a Lender Service Provider and our direct microloan program, before taking on the role as CFO.

Learn more about Karol…

If you had unlimited resources, what would you do?
“I would travel. The world is full of adventure, and I want to share experiences and create memories with my family.”

What gets you up in the morning?
“Making a difference. Whether it is to set an example of hard-work and dedication for my kids, or helping others through the work I do, I want to have a positive impact through my actions each day.”

Where is your favorite travel destination?
“My favorite place I have traveled to so far is Vietnam. It was chaotic, crowded, and diverse, all the while being very peaceful.”