Jason Moorehead

Enterprise Architect

[email protected]

Jason provides direction, development and support for the software we use to run our organization. Seriously, he’s in charge of the technology that underlies everything we do.  Given the various partners we interface with along with constant regulatory changes and industry innovation, keeping our software up to date and functioning is a continuous process that keeps Jason on his toes!  If that’s not working to support our mission, we’re not sure what is!

What is your dream travel destination or favorite place you've traveled to?
"I would like to go to Antarctica. A long time ago I applied for a 6 month job there with Raytheon but I didn't get it."

If you had unlimited resources, what would you do?
"After buying world peace and food to end hunger, I would go skiing. Or snowboarding. Either way there would be a solar powered helicopter involved."

What gets you up in the morning?
"I am not a morning person so what gets me up is usually my dog. However once the day gets moving I can say I am inspired, almost to the point of being intimidated, by my coworkers. They are constantly volunteering and getting involved in community events and have a genuine interest in the people and businesses we work with. They are all super nice and everyone says thank you for everything. It is really like no place I've worked before."