Janine Hall

Loan Officer

[email protected]

As a member of our 504 Loan Production team, Janine helps small businesses get access to the financing they need to buy or build commercial real estate or purchase capital equipment.  What makes Janine special is the kindness and care she brings to every project she works work on. She is compassionate and diligent in supporting our mission to foster the economic growth of diverse small businesses!

If you had unlimited resources, what would you do?
"I would open a Siberian Husky rescue and spend my days playing with the dogs. Dogs know how to live in the moment and are always happy to see you!"

What is your personal purpose?
"My family is what drives me, even though my kids are adults I love being a mother. It is the most rewarding thing I have done with my life."

What gets you up in the morning?
"The thought of a freshly brewed cup of strong coffee!"