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Danielle Westblade

Senior Community Advantage Loan Officer

[email protected]

Danielle (or Danni, as she likes to be called) is our Senior Community Advantage Loan Officer. With every interaction, Danni wholeheartedly guides small business owners through the process of funding, from the initial application, to SBA approval, all the way through closing. She is committed to answering any questions that come her way regardless of if a small business is eligible for our financing.

While Danni is rational and even-keeled, don’t be surprised if she hops on a plane at the drop of a hat! As a member of the team since 2012, we’re fortunate that she hasn’t strayed far from us for too long!

Other interesting things about Danni…

What is something most people don’t know about you?
“I can bake a better pop-tart than Kellogg’s.”

If you could be doing anything right this moment, what would it be?
“I would spend it on the beach in Kauai with my family, napping and eating poke and shaved ice.” 

What is your personal purpose?
“Happiness because it’s really all that matters.”