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General Business

Purchase Equipment, Renovations, Inventory & Working Capital: $1,466,210 | Jobs Created: 25

Who doesn’t love authentic, New York style bagels? Especially when they’re, “Made hot and fresh daily!” Denver got quite the treat when Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen opened its first location in 2014.read more
Colorado Main Street

Inventory Purchase & Working Capital: $50,000 | Jobs Created: 5

As family-oriented entrepreneurs, Katherine Flanagan and Jessica Burke share a love for sustainability, crafting, design, and of course wine. As a result of marrying these concepts together, Coppertops Paperie was born.read more
Community Advantage

Working Capital: $150,000 | Jobs Created: 3

Marcie Tucker believes, “What you put into the world is what you get out of it.” Her company, 99Agree, is based off this notion and is dedicated to helping college students live, share, and get along with each other at the highest potential possible.read more
Commercial Real Estate

Purchase and Renovate Commercial Real Estate: $439,955 | Jobs Created: 1

Pagosa Springs, Colorado, is know for its natural hot springs and majestic mountain views, but the quaint town also has a uniquely historic Colorado ambiance. Located in the center of town is Antiques on Main, a hidden gem offering antiques, collectibles and relicts of the wild...read more
Commercial Real Estate

Purchase Commercial Real Estate: $530,000 | Jobs Created: 1

Glenwood Springs is a tight-knit community where residents are quick to make friends and dedicated to helping their neighbors. This is all too true with the story behind Laffoon Legal Services’ new office on Grand Avenue.read more
Commercial Real Estate

Purchase Commercial Real Estate: $2,405,00 | Jobs Created: 5

If you’re in the Halloween spirit then you may want to check out the costumes at the Denver Wrangler… because they know how to throw a party!read more
Community Advantage

Inventory & Operating Expenses: $155,000 | Jobs Created: 4

Organic. Non-GMO. Grass-fed. Local. These words define the strength of Ruby Coffee, the only specialty coffee shop located in west Arvada. Serving 100% organic and locally roasted coffee beans out of Boulder, Ruby Coffee provides a charming atmosphere void of any wifi, or...read more
Community Advantage

Refinance Debt and Purchase Inventory: $188,000 | Job Created: 3

Running legend Steve Prefontaine once said, “Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.” By that measure, Twisted Trails Running Company in Steamboat Springs is winning the race!read more