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Sprinting to Success in Steamboat Springs

Running legend Steve Prefontaine once said, “Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.” By that measure, Twisted Trails Running Company in Steamboat Springs is winning the race!

 Josh and Susan Boles had long dreamed of opening a triathlon, running, and cycling focused store, however their active duty service in the Air Force prevented them from settling down and achieving their goal. After transferring to the reserves in 2013, the Boles moved to Steamboat Springs. With extra time on their hands they decided to get back to an active lifestyle, but when they went to get new running shoes the nearest specialized store was over three hours away!

 In December 2014, the Boles hit the ground running with Twisted Trails Running Company. As Northwestern Colorado’s only specialty running store, customers come from the surrounding six Colorado counties (as well as six nearby Utah and Wyoming counties) for running apparel, gear, and shoes, as well as the staff’s expertise. Twisted Trails offers a gait assessment to make sure runners get the best support for their stride.

 Twisted Trails is also a strong supporter of the local community. They sponsor the Steamboat Springs Running Series and host weekly Beer Runs; following a three-mile jog the runners belly up to the next door bar for beers and socializing. Twisted Trails also hopes to start a 5k race series as well as a summer trail running festival.

 The store was an instant success, and not even a year after opening the Boles knew they needed to amp up for the future. In the fall of 2015 Twisted Trails secured a Community Advantage loan from Colorado Lending Source to pay off startup credit card debt, refurbish the store for additional merchandise space, and expand inventory to include yoga products. Now, the Boles have the endurance to run Twisted Trails for years to come!