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Annabelle Shin is the Owner and Love Producer of Preserve, a superfood frozen pet treat company. While she is deeply passionate about her products and their ability to help improve the lives of our furry companions, it was a long and winding path to get where she is today. After a career in the fashion industry, Annabelle realized that she no longer wanted to contribute to the waste that the industry creates and decided to embark on a new career path as a pastry professional. That’s when she opened a wholesale baking business and fell in love with creating food that nourishes basic needs, delights the palate, visually pleases, and aims to eliminate waste.

During this time, she was also a dog mom to special needs rescue pugs that often overheated on hot summer days. Rather than just giving them a nutritionally purposeless ice cube to cool down, she concocted Frozen Superfood Lovebites. These innovative frozen treats, based in raw goat milk and packed with superfoods, provide a nutritional boost to pets’ existing diets and improves overall immune function. Annabelle utilized a Kiva loan to help with start-up costs that included product development, lab testing, and consumer packaging. She then workshopped her business in the Ice House Entrepreneur Development training. Both of these programs are supported by Colorado Lending Source to help early-stage entrepreneurs.

Read on for more of Annabelle’s story… 

What inspired you to start your business?

My two special needs rescue pugs, Sunny and Breeze, inspired me to always prioritize their health and nutrition. This particular breed does not do well in extreme heat either, so there was a need for me to find a solution to help cool them down on warm days. Preserve Frozen Lovebites are the perfect way to supplement pets’ diets with superfoods, disguised as treats.

In what ways have you forged a new path? What does forging a new path in 2021 look like for you and your business?

Preserve is forging a new path by innovating the frozen pet treat industry. We keep sustainability in mind and have lab tested our products for quality. We use goat milk from a local front-range farm and superfoods that are safe and nutritious for pets. Forging a new path for Preserve in 2021 looks like new partnerships, sharing our successes, and giving back to the local community. My goal is to have an adaptable business so Preserve can successfully navigate any known or unforeseen challenges as they arise.

How were you able to help support the community during the pandemic? In what ways?

I supported suppliers who were deeply affected by the Northern Colorado wildfires this year. Purchasing local ingredients not only supports our local farmers and the local economy, but also sustainability in creating my products. 

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience working with Colorado Lending Source?

My sincere gratitude for the many programs that Colorado Lending Source offers to entrepreneurs!