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Serving the Community 

Daman Singh and Sukhi Kaur own and operate Flavor of India, an established restaurant serving up authentic Indian cuisine in downtown Longmont. The pair was seemingly destined for this business; Sukhi’s father was a chef and Daman’s father had been in the restaurant industry for over 30 years. They opened Flavor of India in 2006 and since then have grown a huge community and following. They are passionate about serving locals with an authentic taste of the traditional Indian dishes they love, as well as a few with a twist. Already an established business, they recently purchased a building for the restaurant with a Small Business Administration 504 loan thanks to the partnership with Colorado Lending Source and High Plains Bank. Now they can remain a family-favorite spot in Longmont for years to come while keeping more money in their pocket for operating costs.

Learn more about Daman and Sukhi…

How did you decide to utilize an SBA 504 loan to purchase your building?

Rent was going up at our previous location every year, and we realized our mortgage would soon be the same as rent. We could also do more with our own property than we could as tenants. We started looking for a property, as we knew we wanted to be in this business long term. In my initial research I learned about the Small Business Administration and their programs. When we had the opportunity to buy 370 Main Street we approached High Plains Bank, and they also recommended an SBA loan. It was a smooth process working with High Plains Bank and Colorado Lending Source. It was our first time buying commercial property but the process was simple. It was a good move to invest in commercial property and the rates were low.

How have you pivoted your business in response to the pandemic?

We started doing only online orders instead of over the phone orders. It’s prepaid already and customers can come pick it up without any interaction with staff. We’ve been able to keep most staff on payroll and keep everyone safe.

What is the most popular dish at Flavor of India? What makes your restaurant unique?

Our chicken tikka masala is delicious and one of the most popular dishes on our menu. My father started the restaurant so some of the recipes are from him and are truly authentic with a little of my own twist. We also buy whole seeds and grind it ourselves for our recipes. I think that’s probably the most unique thing our restaurant offers.  

Did you have any silver linings from the pandemic?

Our silver lining during the pandemic has been the customers, the community, the locals; everyone has come together to help small businesses here in Longmont. Everyone came together during the pandemic to help each other, too. It was a great thing, to see our community working together to lift each other up. We are still grateful we are getting customers; they are ordering plenty of take-out food and we are able to pay our bills. Our employees have been helping us a lot too, they have been patient, flexible, and understanding.