Eldon James Corporation

An entrepreneur at heart, Marcia Coulson is changing the face of manufacturing in the U.S. Her company, Eldon James Corporation, was established in the 1980s and since then has been innovating new plastic tubing and injection molding processes. Eldon James Corp. manufactures products from clamps and tubing to bio-medical and custom hose fitting for industries across the chart. Their latest creation is a silver-lined tube that prevents bacterial growth, which surprisingly benefits both pharmaceutical and brewing businesses.

Developing strong relationships over the years, Marcia explained, “We create new and innovative materials to better fit customer needs.” This customer-centric mentality has resulted in tremendous growth; 10 new jobs were created and sales are up by 23% this year alone!

Marcia and her husband, Bill Coulson, have utilized the Small Business Administration 504 loan program on four separate occasions since 2011. The most recent funds allowed them to purchase and install equipment and to construct an amplified 75,000 square foot facility in Denver. With help from Todd Guymon of Verus Bank of Commerce and Colorado Lending Source, Marcia secured a low, long-term, fixed interest rate. The business now operates around the clock to keep up with a high demand for this American-made product that sells in 40 different countries.