Eastern Colorado Seeds

One may say entrepreneurs seize opportunities, and turn problems into solutions. That is what Clay Smith, owner and operator of Eastern Colorado Seeds (ECS), did when he transformed the agriculture industry in eastern Colorado. ECS provides high quality seed products and value added services to farmers and livestock producers. Now over a $10 million business, Clay attributes success to providing the latest technology and information using quality customer service. As an industry leader in over eight states, ECS selects a diverse product portfolio based on persistence, drought tolerance, High Yielding and High Quality characteristics. Clay has locations in Colorado and New Mexico, and his entrepreneurial voice resonates when he states, “Guided by the philosophy of expositional quality and good service, ECS’ professional sales staff will continue to set the standard in the Seed industry.”


Without funding from Colorado Lending Source through the Small Business Administration 504 loan program, much of the small grain seed production would still be produced in the Pacific Northwest. ECS is able to save approximately 20% of earnings at the newly acquired 17,000 square foot facility and 11 acres of land, because the space allows for inventory storage, seed conditioning equipment and production. With the money saved, Clay will diversify products and services looking to additional markets within and outside the U.S.