Dry Dock Brewing Company

With experience in the homebrew market, Michelle Reding and Kevin DeLange opened their first brewery in 2005, called Dry Dock Brewing Company. Less than a year later they won their first gold award at the 2006 World Beer Cup® and since 2008, they have won more medals at The Great American Beer Festival® than any other Colorado-based brewery. The quick national and international recognition contributed to their popularity and expansions in 2006, 2009, 2011, and 2013. Now Dry Dock distributes products to over 300 liquor stores and 500 bars and restaurants across Colorado. But before tapping into other markets, Kevin and Michelle prioritize satisfying the demand of Colorado beer-lovers first.

Having a brew-for-fun philosophy, Michelle and Kevin used a Small Business Administration 504 loan to buy a 30,000 square foot facility allowing them to expand their canning line and inventory, and purchase additional brewing equipment. Thanks to the financing provided by Colorado Lending Source, brewing is on the upswing in 2014!