Coppertops Paperie

As family-oriented entrepreneurs, Katherine Flanagan and Jessica Burke share a love for sustainability, crafting, design, and of course wine. As a result of marrying these concepts together, Coppertops Paperie was born.

Coppertops Paperie was founded in 2013 and specializes in trendy products for gifting wine, beer, spirits and artisanal food. With a mission “to create innovative, high quality paper and printed items that connect people, convey sincere messages, elevate experiences, and add sophistication – all in a socially responsible manner,” they use certified organic, sustainably produced, and compostable materials. While sourcing their product lines locally and domestically, some of Coppertops Paperie’s most quintessential items include hand towels that double over as wine wraps, Colorado coasters as bottle toppers, and miniature spoons
to decorate jars, all with the end goal to enhance relationships, celebrate life, and share hospitality.

Both Jessica and Katherine believe luck has been a major contributor for Coppertops Paperie’s recent and swift success, but luck has not been everything. They bootstrapped their financing with a line of credit and family loans, conducted market research through calculated product development, and completed the Small Business Development Center’s LEADING EDGE course. The duo also won the first-ever Trout Tank Pitch Accelerator Competition. Yet with so much more room to grow, Jessica and Katherine knew that additional financing would be essential to meet their full potential.

When Jessica and Katherine came across Colorado Lending Source’s character-based loan program, they were glowing with excitement. “The Colorado Main Street loan program was appealing to us because it was the only financing option available that was affordable and felt comfortable. We are incredibly grateful for how this funding has allowed us to grow our business,” states Jessica. Coppertops Paperie utilized the funds to purchase inventory and additional sample products. It also allowed them to expand marketing efforts for new customer acquisition. Thanks in part to the Colorado Main Street loan program, Coppertops Paperie products can be found in over 300 stores nationwide.

Jessica and Katherine's Inspiration:
Both Katherine and I enjoy hosting and being hosted. Gathering people together and entertaining has been our biggest inspiration for our business.