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Hannah Ulbrich, owner of Copper Door Coffee Roasters, was inspired to start roasting coffee beans after seeing her neighbor roasting in his garage. After purchasing his equipment, she began refining her craft and selling wholesale. Copper Door Coffee Roasters had been born.

Seven years later the business is not only thriving in the wholesale market but has also most recently opened their third coffee shop in Denver with the help of a Community Advantage loan from Colorado Lending Source. The loan helped with inventory, startup working capital, and building out their new location at the Denver Botanic Gardens. She is the city’s only 100% female owned coffee roasting business and focuses on supporting women farmers, sustainability, and community.

Read on for more of Hannah’s success story…

Along with your first Colorado Main Street loan, how was your experience working with Colorado Lending Source on the Community Advantage loan?

Colorado Lending Source stuck by me when businesses were closing down and the idea of opening a coffee shop during a pandemic seemed like a bad business move. I was confident it would work, and they trusted me.

How have you overcome the difficulties of supporting your business during COVID?

I am incredibly proud that we have expanded to a third location and have had zero cases of COVID-19 in our staff. Everyone has remained healthy, employed, and we are looking forward to the future when we can all gather in community again. This past year also gave us the opportunity to improve and update our website, boost online sales, and increase coffee subscriptions. These were all on our to-do list, but the pandemic shutdowns made them necessary.

What does forging a new path in 2021 look like for Copper Door Coffee Roasters? 

This next year’s path will be a slow steady climb for Copper Door Coffee Roasters. There is so much I want to do, so many woman farmers I want to work with and support, and so much good I want to accomplish in the world.

In what ways has Copper Door Coffee been able to help support the community? 

We have always been community focused and we kept that value even during this challenging time. We've partnered with several local shelters and food banks to donate coffee, worked with a food box company to distribute meals to school children, and continued our partnership with Period Kits, which helps provide feminine products to underserved communities.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? 

My best advice for other entrepreneurs is to simply keep going. There will always be hard times, so it’s important to have perseverance and tenacity to push through.