Recycling Glass with Clear Intentions

Meet Brittany Evans, founder of Clear Intentions, a glass processing company that is changing the way Colorado recycles. Brittany, a wildly passionate millennial, has admitted she would “go through fire” to support her vision.

Brittany’s dream started nearly eight years ago when, as a college student, she learned about a large vortex of plastic floating just beneath the surface of the ocean known as a garbage patch. She was absolutely disgusted to discover how much litter our international waters contain, but also that there was little preventative action being taken to address the problem. The revelation prompted her to start an environmental club that eventually spiraled into an international non-profit. Through her organization, she worked with students across the globe, soaking up knowledge about relevant issues impacting their cultures and ecosystems.

After nearly a decade of extensive research and a newfound global perspective, Brittany chose Denver as the perfect location to launch Clear Intentions. The decision was based on the fact that less than 17% of glass in Colorado gets recycled, yet it is home to a population that boasts about living green.

With specially designed trucks, Clear Intentions offers a glass pick up service to businesses and restaurants, providing free staff training, dedicated glass collection carts and acts as a personal valet service catering to the business' schedule. For residential recycling, Clear Intentions picks up glass at designated glass drop-off stations set up by the community. Brittany hopes to increase the number of glass drop-off stations in the future, but in the meantime, she is focused on serving commercial establishments, her largest clientele.

What started as a dream is now a full-fledged business with six employees and a 12,000 square foot manufacturing facility on 1.51 acres of land. With the help of Colorado lending Source's Community Advantage loan program, Brittany was able to finance two hauling trucks and install a mini processing line. This has allowed Clear Intentions to increase their customer base, and ultimately get closer to Britany's goal of saving the planet, one piece of glass at a time.

Brittany's Words of Wisdom:
My greatest inspiration is my driving passion for the environment and want to change the world for future generations. It has been the foundational issue that motivates me everyday.