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Jamming to the Radio with Blizzard Broadcasting

Don Tlapek’s dreams of owning a broadcasting company first began in college while working at a local radio station. His dream got sidetracked for nearly 30 years, until 2011 when an opportunity arose to purchase a radio license, so he packed his bags and moved from Castle Rock to Steamboat Springs.

His first channel was KEZZ, better known as Easy Lite 94.1. Not even a year later, Don purchased his second license for KTYV, an ESPN station, which broadcasts professional sports, as well as over 100 local and high school events each year. In the fall of 2014, Don’s stations became a trifecta with the acquisition of KBCR, the longtime local favorite, Big Country 96.9.

Don’s radio conglomerate operates under the name of Blizzard Broadcasting and has grown into four radio stations on six channels. He also owns a tower and two translators, which helps broadcast the stations into smaller, mountain regions. All stations are transmitted from a mixed-use condo; on the first floor is the radio studio and on the second floor is Don’s residence. As the radio stations operate 24/7, it is important for Don to be on hand to make weather updates, community announcements, and emergency alerts as necessary.

Don needed financing to help purchase and renovate the radio station condo. This project was the perfect fit for Colorado Lending Source’s direct micro-loan program, Colorado Main Street Loans, and will allow Blizzard Broadcasting to rock and roll for many years to come.

Don's Words of Wisdom:
Find a good mentor, someone that has successfully done what you are trying to do. When you hit a bump in the road, ask for advice. It’ll save you time and money.