The Weather Forecaster for College Roommates

Marcie Tucker believes, “What you put into the world is what you get out of it.” Her company, 99Agree, is based off this notion and is dedicated to helping college students live, share, and get along with each other at the highest potential possible.

The idea started when Marcie observed issues with how universities select roommates. She found that the matching tools were ineffective and that there was little guidance to set students up for success in a new environment. After continued research, Marcie discovered that one in five students leave school because of an unresolved roommate conflict, and these conflicts largely contribute to why they become disengaged with their education. The transition to college is hard enough, and Marcie knew that providing a foundation for healthy roommate relationships was the key to a stronger student retention rate.

This is why 99Agree is such a powerful tool. As an online platform, 99Agree offers a unique digital roommate agreement, personalized staff to respond to key issues, and targeted conflict predictions to prioritize the best connections. The company considers themself the weather forecaster for roommates, predicting hotspots and comfort zones to foster a happily ever after approach to relationships, even when the challenges of living together come into focus. Over the last six years, 99Agree has developed research analyzing 33,000 resident profiles, 18,000 roommate agreements, and over 43,000 residents.

After three exhausting years of hearing countless “No’s” from investors and banks, Marcie finally came across a “Yes”! She was ecstatic that her persistence and hard work had finally paid off. Marcie expressed, “I had no idea there were so many options out there, but nothing seemed to be the right fit. You can bootstrap as much as possible, but there comes a time when you wonder who will take the risk on your business. I’m so grateful that Colorado Lending Source believed in me.”  Through Colorado Lending Source’s Community Advantage loan program, Marcie obtained financing to ramp up 99Agree’s marketing efforts, which has allowed the company to increase their number of signed contracts, enhance user acquisition, and achieve key revenue goals.