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Space and equipment: two essentials for any successful business. Finance (or even refinance) these purchases with a Small Business Administration 504 loan!

Just getting started or already well on your way? We can help set you up with a Small Business Administration 7(a) loan to finance (almost) anything under the sun.

Have you been told you don’t qualify for a bank loan? Fund that long list of needs for your new or growing business with a Community Advantage loan!

We prefer Main Street to Wall Street, don’t you? Access a character based microloan to help your business startup or expand through the Colorado Main Street loan program.

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  1. Identify what you need to finance and how much it will cost.
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Clear Intentions

Meet Brittany Evans, founder of Clear Intentions, a glass processing company that is changing the way Colorado recycles. Brittany, a wildly passionate millennial, has admitted she would “go through fire” to support her vision. Brittany’s dream started nearly eight years ago when, as a college student, she learned about...

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Sample Supports

Sample Supports was established in 2010 by Mark and Carmen Sample with the vision of creating a unique service agency focused on helping underserved adults and youth with developmental disabilities. The organization has evolved over the years providing the best and most innovative programs to help their clients succeed in everyday life.

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“Hey there, I'm Jessica. Give me a call about SBA 7(a) or Community Advantage loans!”

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“Hey there, I'm Jessica. Give me a call about SBA 7(a) or Community Advantage loans!”

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