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Colorado Lending Source | Jul. 24, 2020

Our funding partners directly impact the communities we serve!

We’re making it possible for individuals, businesses, and foundations to directly impact equity in small business lending. By focusing on a combination of grants, program-related investments, or loans from our lending partners, we have been able to create new capital opportunities under our Colorado Main Street loan program that specifically targets underserved communities. 


We have a few different methods for developing partnerships to enhance funds for underserved communities:

  1. We find and are introduced to community partners who are interested in revolving loan funds being launched to serve the people in their communities.
  2. We work with funding partners like banks, foundations, and family offices to develop new program-related investments.
  3. Our development team applies for corporate and private grants.
  4. Individuals can make investments directly into our Colorado Main Street loan program or Emergency Main Street loan program (they can either collect or contribute their interest payouts to the community fund, making their investments community evergreen.)
  5. We use the money that we borrow in program-related investments and receive in grants to keep interest rates low and our capital friendly for underserved businesses!


Borrower featured is Norma Quinones, owner of Sweet Gold Juice, who used a Colorado Main Street loan for working capital and to help purchase inventory and equipment. As a result of the funds, she has more than doubled her business!

"Colorado Lending Source was the vehicle that made my dream possible and I can't thank them enough for all of the support!" 


The Kenneth King Foundation's investment in the Colorado Main Street loan program helps us achieve our mission of transforming individuals' lives with access to capital, tools, and know-how for growing their small business.

Janice Fritsch, Kenneth King Foundation

“The economic impacts of COVID-19 on our local economy won’t just be felt in the short term, the impact will be felt long term, and I feel our Town Council understands that and has appropriately allocated and leveraged resources with the private sector to make sure our local business survive.

Frank Gray, Castle Rock EDC


Our goal is to launch revolving loan funds throughout Colorado that support underserved communities. If you are a nonprofit, family office foundation, individual investor, lending institution, or CDFI, we can help you create a sustainable investment in your community and launch an evergreen effort of small business support.

For more information about our community impact, check out our Annual Reports.

If you would like to speak with our development team about an investment or make an introduction to a possible funding partner, please email:  [email protected]