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A 5 Step Guide to Starting a Business


There are many different things to consider when starting a business. The process may seem overwhelming, daunting or even terrifying at times, but there are a variety of resources and steps you can take to get your business off the ground.

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On this day in 1779 …


On this day in 1779 … A few years after “discovering” Australia, Captain James Cook had sighted and anchored off the Islands of Hawaii in January 1778, where he spent two weeks trading and taking on food and water in preparation for his exploration of the coast of North America and Alaska, in...

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Turning Side Hustles into Dream Businesses....


Living with a gluten allergy can be incredibly limiting, especially when it comes to indulging in dessert! But Jessica Berry, owner of Bosco Baking Company, is making access to gluten-free goodies more available and more delicious than ever before.

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On this day in 38 BC...


Octavius divorced his wife Scribonia, obviously a writer, to marry Livia Drusilla, not a writer but active on social media nevertheless, ending the fragile peace that existed between the son of the greatest general the Roman Republic ever saw, Pompey, and the Second Triumvirate, a hastily created...

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On this day in 1642 …


Abel “Baker” Tasman, a Dutch seafarer, explorer, and wooden clog merchant, arrived in New Zealand hoping to unload his inventory of odd sized wooden shoes to the residents. He had previously called at Van Diemen’s Land (now called Tasmania) en route but was unable to sell or trade anything there so...

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On this date on 1806...


Lieutenant Zebulon Pike was meandering across the continent and noticed, off in the distance, a huge mountain peak near the Colorado foothills, which eventually was called Pikes Peak (and not Pike’s Peak because obviously Zebulon didn’t own it). The Pike Expedition, as it was called, was a military...

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Mesa County & SBA Lending


$14 Million in SBA Loans Issued in Mesa County An article posted by The Business Times discusses SBA lending in Mesa County. Colorado Lending Source issued three Small Business Administration 504 loans in this county. "Nearly $14 million worth of loans were issued in Mesa County during the 2017...

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SBA Lending at New Heights


Colorado Small Businesses Secure Record Amount in SBA Loans Below is a blurb from an article written by Monica Mendoza of the Denver Business Journal stating that SBA lending for Colorado Small Businesses are up! "Small businesses in Colorado secured a record $902 million in U.S. Small Business...

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Community Advantage Hightlights


Many small businesses don’t quite qualify for conventional financing. As a result, community banks turn away potential clients who are then left with limited options, like being subjected to short-term loans at high interest rates, the inability to grow their business credit, or large amounts of...

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Western Slope Impact Through September 2017


Colorado Lending Source is proud to have approved 24 small business loans in 8 different counties on the Western Slope as of September 30, 2017!

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