Colorado Lending Source | Sep. 20, 2018

Denver Startup Week: Tips & Tidbits

We are coming up on our third year as the Maker Track Sponsor for Denver Startup Week! Being part of such a robust entrepreneurial community is truly amazing, hence why we love playing such a large role.

Created by the community, for the community, Denver Startup Week is the largest entrepreneurial event of it’s kind in North America. People from around the world travel to Denver for the opportunity to soak up new knowledge and inspiration and to collaborate with new friends. This week offers a little bit for everyone, even if you're not an entrepreneur. And the best part is, everything is FREE!

The value of helping support free education for entrepreneurs is priceless. Here are some of our sponsorship highlights from last year…


Our borrowers, Ice House Grads, staff, and community partners will be out and about all week displaying products, sitting on panels, and volunteering! Here are some of the places where you’ll find us…

And that’s just to name a few! Yes, it’s exciting. Yes, it’s mind-boggling. And yes, it can be exhausting, so PACE YOURSELF! And prioritize your list of can’t miss events to maximize the week. There's so much to see, do and explore with over 350+ events, it would be silly to miss out!