Colorado Lending Source | Feb. 08, 2018

Ice House Success!

Living with a gluten allergy can be incredibly limiting, especially when it comes to indulging in dessert! But Jessica Berry, owner of Bosco Baking Company, is making access to gluten-free goodies more available and more delicious than ever before.

Like many food-focused entrepreneurs, Jessica started her baking career in the restaurant industry as a pastry chef. Taking this experience into her own kitchen, she started experimenting with gluten-free recipes so that she too could indulge without having an allergic reaction. And as her passion for baking grew, so did the idea of turning her hobby into a business.

Jessica launched Bosco Baking Company in 2013. She began testing the market by hosting a booth at a local farmers market to get feedback about her pastries. She was constantly experimenting with recipes in search of the perfect concoction, and even smashed two dough recipes together out of frustration, which to her pleasant surprise turned out to be the best pie dough yet! Jessica’s side gig was evolving organically and her menu was growing by the minute. She landed her first full-time customer distributing to a local coffee shop and that’s when she realized she had found a niche in the market. Today, Bosco Baking Company partners with local restaurants, caterers, and home delivery services to provide nothing but the tastiest gluten-free delicacies.

Along Jessica’s entrepreneurial journey she graduated from the Rocky Mountain Microfiance Institute’s bootcamp, and then heard about Colorado Lending Source’s Ice House Entrepreneur Development training. Upon completing Ice House in the spring of 2017, Jessica credited the course for her shift in mindset, “I learned how to put myself and my company first, more so than I had done in the past. I’ve always viewed my business as a hobby and Ice House showed me that I can make it into something even more.”