China Califf | Sep. 18, 2017

Excited & Delighted!

We’re excited, delighted, and even a little relieved to announce the launch of our new website!

You probably know what an undertaking the creation of a new website is and as a result won’t be surprised to find out how serious we took the project (picture a group of gnomes huddled over a computer, debating over every last detail).

It started a long, long time ago...okay, more like nine-months (pun intended) ago when our friends at Ascend called to schedule a full day meeting to kick things off. You see, they’ve created this incredible resource called the MAVEN workshop in which they do everything they can to help you to identify who you think you are, how people view you, and then articulate who you actually are. You leave the meeting feeling exhausted, like all of your creative juices have been extracted from your body, but more excited than you’ve ever been about the future of your brand.

In the years since our last website launched we’ve learned A LOT. First of all, technology has changed, and the way people are utilizing the web has changed with it...we used to pride ourselves on having a website where you didn’t have to scroll to get the full picture and then all of a sudden we began using our phones for EVERYTHING and scrolling is now all we do. Second, we came to understand that our partner lenders needed less from our website than we were giving them, but they do want to feel confident that when they direct a small business customer to our site that client will be able to easily find exactly what they need to make an informed decision about their financing needs. And third, we weren’t doing a good job of showcasing the incredible businesses, partner lenders, and resources that we have access to because of the work we do.
So, after laboring away with an agency that worked day and even night to ensure our vision came through crystal clear in HTML, we give you, fresh from the oven,

Happy Birthday! And Happy Exploring!

We couldn’t thank you enough, Chad, Steven, Katie, and Zofia at Ascend for agreeing to work with us. We have had a truly remarkable experience.