Lauren Kloock | Aug. 16, 2017

A Tip from Nathan Havey - Ice House Guest Entrepreneur

During our current entrepreneur development class, guest presenter, Nathan Havey, shared his unique perspective on what it means to make a valuable impact as an entrepreneur.

Through his business Thrive Consulting, Nathan and his team help businesses pursue a clear purpose beyond profit, strive to create value for all stakeholders (not just shareholders), and insist on developing leaders that create a culture of care and safety rather than control and fear. During his presentation, Nathan shed light on how his business strategies are idiosyncratic compared to normal practices and why he credits this for his success.

 Nathan’s Words of Wisdom:

“There are two critically important things for you to focus on as an entrepreneur. First, you need to be a preeminent expert in whatever it is that you want to do or however you want to help people.  Second, you need to be a preeminent expert in knowing how you work. What I mean by this is to be deeply in touch with yourself, know your emotional intelligence, and acknowledge your likes and dislikes. If you want to create sustainable value, mastering and living out those two principles are essential.”

Nathan's perspectives had a definite impact on how our Ice House students view hiring employees, writing a business plan and what it means for business to have a social impact. We are very fortunate that he took the time to share his advice with us!