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Colorado Lending Source | Jul. 30, 2015

2000 marked Colorado Lending Source’s 10th Anniversary. The one-time grassroots organization had grown into Colorado’s most active certified development company (for the seventh year in a row) and at year-end, earned the ranking of the 27th most active certified development company in the nation.

That year, Colorado Lending Source was also awarded the SBA’s first-ever Small Business Week New Market Lender Award, and Executive Director Ron Reuss, was named the SBA Colorado District Office Financial Services Advocate of the Year. Colorado Lending Source’s SBA region, Region VIII, was ranked first for greatest percentage increase in loan approvals, with an astounding 120%. Colorado Lending Source’s surge in approval activity was a major contributing factor.

Colorado Lending Source’s success did not happened overnight. The past decade had been laborious, requiring patience, persistence, and a little creativity to get the organization off the ground. The Board of Director’s and the Executive Director’s leadership was integral in the expansion of services to new markets and underserved markets, as well as securing the non-profit and PCLP status. And of course, Colorado Lending Source would have never amounted to anything without the support of its members and business partners.

For the first time, at the 2000 Annual Meeting, awards were given out to members and business partners that embodied the organizations overall objective. Ron Anderson of Greeley Small Business Development Center accepted the Community Award, Van Dorn & Bossi accepted the Business Award, and Dave Bata accepted the award for Government. First National Bank of Arvada received the first ever Financial Institution Award (today know as the Small Business Lender of the Year Award).

First National Bank of Arvada had brought 16 loans to Colorado Lending Source since the organizations inception. 11 of those loans had been funded by year-end 2000, and one of which was Arbor Family Medicine. Started in 1989 by veteran Dr. Alexander Cianflone, the medical practice needed to find a new location after the space it was renting was repossessed by the bank.

With few real estate options, Arbor Family Medicine anticipated downsizing to a smaller office, which would mean cutting nearly 50% of their staff. However with the help of Colorado Lending Source, Dr. Cianflone was able to acquire land and construct a nearly 10,000 square foot building to house his practice, resulting in the creation of six new jobs. Close to 10 years later, Arbor Family Medicine returned to Colorado Lending Source to help finance a new, second location, which eventually created an additional five jobs. Today, the practice still occupies both locations.