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Colorado Lending Source | Feb. 19, 2015

Colorado was very different in 1990. With a population of 3.3 million (compared to the present 5.3 million) the Front Range resembled the cow town people imagined. Dirt roads linked suburban developments together, weekend mountain traffic was practically nonexistent, and Denver’s popular LoDo neighborhood had just begun its transformation into the city’s crown jewel.  

However, some things in 1990 were familiar. Colorado still enjoyed 300 days of sunshine, brewed more beer than any other state, and in particular, Coloradans were passionate about their state’s future following a market collapse.  

Taking note of the need to recover Colorado’s business climate was a group of bankers, economic developers, and government workers. They understood the importance of small businesses, and the chain reaction their success had on communities. Yet, they saw a void in services provided to small businesses to start up, grow, or expand. In a grassroots effort to change the status quo, these individuals created the Front Range Regional Development Corporation, or as you know it today, Colorado Lending Source.

Twenty-five years ago we started like many small businesses, operating on a shoestring budget, reliant on the dedication of our members and investors, and focused on our intention to help small businesses and communities grow and flourish across the state. Four offices, six loan programs, and dozens of gnomes later, Colorado Lending Source has become the premier certified development company for the state of Colorado.

In celebration of Colorado Lending Source’s 25th Anniversary, we will be sharing an on-going series titled 25 Loans in 25 Years. We thank everyone who has had a hand in making our organization what it is today and sincerely appreciate your on-going support.  We could have never done it without you!